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Here are the detailed Terms of Use that is refer to the site of the company, the owners, employees as well as the associates of the company.

Capitalgrow is neither liable to any kind of liability or loss resulting, indirectly or directly, from interruptions or delays due to the mechanical or electronic machine failures, telephone connection defect, strikes, weather, walkouts, strikes, acts of God, fire, armed conflicts, riots, acts of war or any other causes. The site shall have no liability to provide you the access to the due to the interruption of the site in any of such causes continues.

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All sales deal once done ,will not be refunded in any case , as the site offers free trial for two days evaluation to make the assurance that the services or product will meet the requirement without need of the purchase, the site does not offer any refund and cancellations policy.Before opting for the subscription to the services, please be assure of our service with our free trial of 2 days. We also do not offer refunds on the subscriptions.

Due to this reason, we suggest our visitors to do following before payments :
1. Read all details of services, products and supports carefully.
2. Take the trial of 2 days to evaluate the quality.
4. Read the terms & conditions.
5. Read the privacy policy.
6. Read the FAQs sections also.

Avoid allowing any unauthorized member or anybody else at payment site to avoid the circumstances of payment without your consent, as there is no cancellation or refund can be done.

The user agreement compromise whole agreement between parties and no other form of agreement, oral or written exist in between the users and the company. By using information available on the site, you assume the whole responsibility for any losses and gains, emotional, financial or otherwise, suffered, incurred or experienced by you.

Capitalgrow does not offer guarantee accuracy, timeliness or completeness of, or otherwise approve in either way, the opinions, recommendations or views expressed in information does not offer investment advice and at the same time does not advocate sale or purchase of any investment or security by the client or any third party. The user information is not planned to provide legal, investment or tax advice that you should get from the professional advisor prior to doing any sort of investment of type discussed in information.

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